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There is no need for accreditations when operating directly for the client, in other words when working on behalf of the client the presence of a third party inspection is not required. Working directly for the client in a professional manner won’t need the accreditation, SAIPEM-ENI-AGIP-BECHTEL-BP-TOTAL-ADMA-OPCO-ARAMCO-TECHNIP-TECNIMONT, ecc.


In this case THE ACCREDITATION IS ALWAYS REQUESTED as the company operates as an independent third party for the qualification of welding operators, mechanical and chemical laboratory tests, Non-destructive testing operators, mechanical and chemical laboratory tests, protocols and emission of welding procedures (WPS/PQR), or certified Non-destructive testing, or certified Pre-Shipment and packing, and lastly revision and circulation of the Final Data Book. This last type of certification is necessary when operating under the normative EN ISO 9001:2015, where it is seated that all the activities are witnessed/overseen from an independent third party, that has to certify the products compliance inside a specific time period.


In specific cases it can be asked to perform an operation that necessitates of a quality certification. For example it is asked to perform restoration on any type of lifting facility (crane, container, fork lift or any other), or in other scenarios it might be asked to perform the wiring of an electrical cabinet which the client will then sell: in these cases (only if specifically asked by the client) the certification of the completed operation of either restoration, inspection assistance or NDT texting is reported, hence no accreditation is needed.

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